Amber and Dan’s Goodell Park Fall Wedding

ok, ok, I got a liiiittttle carried away with these ‘sneak peeks’.  I just get too excited sometimes and can’t stop myself from pulling too many images… I don’t think anyone is complaining though. I truly enjoyed myself at Amber and Dan’s wedding. I’m going to put in a request to the wedding booking gods […]

Meredith and Eric – Downtown Plymouth Engagement Session

When I meet with potential clients I’m always looking for how they express their feelings about each other, little clues to their personalities and the way they see themselves. When I sat down with Meredith a few months ago I was so excited. She was beaming with love for Eric. Truly glowing and thrilled to […]

Cindy and Joe at Twin Lakes Golf and Swim Club

I’m up late working, as usual, and as I’m putting up Cindy and Joe’s pictures I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to meet the people I get to meet and share so many wonderful memories with them. I honestly feel like every couple chooses me for different reasons and as I have no control […]

Michigan Wedding Photography Iroquois Club The Parsonage

How-D-Do! Laura and Aaron Say I DO!!! As fall is approaching at lightning speeds this year I keep doing everything I can to remind myself of Spring. Don’t get me wrong, Fall is my most favorite season of all but I feel a little like spring and summer got robbed this year… Aaron and Laura […]