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micro weddings

Micro weddings are where it's at! You're not about the big fuss, you're just about love and family and close friends. I love that about you!


my jam, your jam. synchronicity.


you need pics for save the dates or to make your coworkers jealous.
i got you.

engagement sessions

full weddings

Full weddings days are a high energy whirlwind of pure joy! With over 400 of these conquered I'll make sure nothing is missed. i prefer to shoot alone, it's how I do my best work but if logistics require a second shooter they are available, along with additional hours at an additional fee.


you're Throwing the party
of your life. i won't miss a moment of it.

Why me?


If awards are a measure you believe in then I have a few I'm really truly proud of. I've been published in The Knot Magazine and Brides Magazine.
I'm a Knot Hall of Fame vendor, have won several Best of Weddings Awards from The Knot and Bride's Choice Awards from Wedding Wire. I came in 3rd in Click on Detroits portrait competition which, yeah, ok... 3rd? But there were a lot of photographers competing... so that's gotta count. 😉
I have a ton of reviews on The Knot. Can you tell The Knot has played a big part in my career? I guess it's what all wedding vendors hope for when they're just baby wedding vendors dreaming of their futures.


I put all my heart into each wedding I shoot. I treat you and your family and friends like they are my own. I am warm and friendly and I don't put on airs of any kind.
I won't ever shout out, I'm an art-eest, leave me to my vision! I'll make buddy buddy with even the most crabbiest of church ladies because that's my nature. I've been told I have a way of calming people down which is ironic because if you saw the inside of my brain during a wedding you'd definitely not think I could channel inner zen during a tornado like that. But I do. My biggest hope for every wedding is that we leave the day with at least 5 inside jokes between us and a ton of great memories.


I'm known for keeping timelines on track and can mom voice like no other. Drunk groomsman? No problem. Cousin who goes out for smokes every single time you need them for pics... got it. MIL won't stop asking if you've got such and such picture or such and such picture. Aim her at me 🙂 Ringbearer scared out of his mind to walk down the aisle, I'll be at the front of the aisle subtly making him laugh and run to me because I will have already spotted that he seems nervous and made a game plan if he got spooked in the aisle. There's very little I haven't seen during the last 2 decades but if you got a problem, yo I'll solve it, check out the hook while my dj revolves it. (my mantra)


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