A la cart pricing!

My Coverage


Basic coverage includes up to 8 hours of wedding day coverage (always with me as your lead photographer), all of your full resolution images available for digital download thoroughly and lovingly hand edited with zero watermarks or logos.

More Hours


Sometimes you need more hours, I will help you fine tune your time line to ensure the best use of my time and to help you stay within 8 hours of coverage but there are times where you may feel you'd like extended coverage and I have no limit to the number of additional hours you may add. Over 12 and I may need an extra diet coke stipend but I'll power through for you! Each additional hour is $150.



My albums are AMAZING. They're like fine art meets indestructible super powers. I've had albums I've toted for over 10 years to hundreds upon hundreds of client meetings and they look as beautiful as the day I bought them. You will understand the pricetag when you see the quality and customization options.

Engagement Session


An engagement session is an excellent way for us to connect. You'll get a feel for how I operate and I'll get to know what works for you both to bring out the best in you. You can pick the location or I can help you to stylize the perfect session. All of your full resolution images are included in this price.

Extra photographers


You may wish to have multiple photographers due to personal taste, timeline restraints or wedding party/guest list size.
You can add up to 2 additional photographers (any more than that and I feel like TMZ lol). The $650 fee per additional photographer includes 8 hours of coverage and all the full resolution images thoroughly edited to blend seamlessly into the wedding photos I take.