I remember last year saying I added new albums and was going to put them here on the blog, and guess what? That never happened! So here they are now. The best part of procrastinating is that now I’ve been offering them and carrying them for a year and they look as gorgeous as the first day they came in! Truly standing the test of durability of client meetings at Starbucks!

The swatch list will blow you away, these are only a small sample of some of the albums that have come in and that I use as my promo albums. From leopard print (yes, I said that) to wood … from every color leather or fabric pattern you can imagine… mystery glass covers, photo covers, canvas photo covers and metallic photo covers… these albums are designed to be as custom and one of a kind as you and your wedding will be! Don’t worry, I offer some guidance in helping you navigate through the swatch list and helping you pair leathers, fabrics, cameos and photo covers so you get exactly what you dream up!