Amber and Dan’s Goodell Park Fall Wedding

ok, ok, I got a liiiittttle carried away with these ‘sneak peeks’.  I just get too excited sometimes and can’t stop myself from pulling too many images… I don’t think anyone is complaining though. I truly enjoyed myself at Amber and Dan’s wedding. I’m going to put in a request to the wedding booking gods […]

Jillian and Michael’s The Inn at St. John’s Wedding

I’m on it this year, I have already completed my entire Christmas list and have all the items in my cart on amazon and ready to go. Christmas is not going to surprise me this year. I’m not going to end up in the mall with 1000 crazy eyed women and a few REALLY crazy […]

Aimee and Chad –¬†Pittsburgh Road Trip!!!

You know how they say you have twins out in the world that you just never met… Well, I can 1-up that… I have sisters I didn’t meet until 2010. 3 of them to be exact. EXACT same sense of humor, EXACT same outlook on everything and all of us, photographers! We spent Beth’s wedding […]