I read on facebook (and I believe everything I read on facebook) that there is some really high statistic of people who marry their high school sweetheart. I found it impossible to believe but, like I said, it was on facebook so it had to be true. I just haven’t seen it very often in my line of work as a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER but I digress. Sam and Dan met in school and just knew they were meant for each other. That, to me, is amazing. I mean, when I was in high school I couldn’t decide who was cooler, Morrissey or Depeche Mode, let alone be mature enough to find my forever love. But Sam and Dan are different.

You can tell by the way he looks at her. I shot their engagement photos and noticed it right away. He just couldn’t take his eyes off of her. And the WAY he looked at her, he adored her. I thought maybe she had a stern talk with him pre pics… like, don’t mess this up, act like you adore me! It wouldn’t be the first time 😉 But nope, this was the real deal. These two finish each other’s sentences, blush when they kiss and are just. plain. happy!! HAPPY! Like their wedding colors… bright, fun and happy!

Being around love like that sweeps you up. You get giddy.  I’m still giddy when I look at their pics. They’ve had their full gallery for a while now and I apologize that it took so long to finally get their full blog post up but I wanted to get the right pictures that showed their day in just he right way. Congratulations Samantha and Dan!!! You guys are end game!!! 🙂


I could barely get these pictures when Sam’s dad saw her for the first time. I was crying behind my camera. There is literally nothing like the love between a father and a daughter…

0509Crystal gets these shots from the back of the church when the bride walks down the aisle and having been a solo shooter for so many years ‘pre-Crystal’ I just LOVE seeing these shots. It’s a part of the wedding I couldn’t always get and it’s just so powerful. This is what the bride and her dad see as they walk down and as it all comes into focus that’s usually when the emotion hits. 0510

05110512051305140515I rarely include ‘church alter’ portraits on the blog because things vary so much from church to church. But I loved this one where you see the entire alter just as you do in their ceremony pics. 051605170518

Blog-Collage-1380850955986Blog-Collage-13808510306340519P.S. I love shooting at Twin Lakes, it’s just so beautiful!! Blog-Collage-1380851245511Cake by Sweet and Savory Bake Shop
Blog-Collage-13808514124140523Flowers by Flowers and More 052405260526205270528052905300532


And a HUGE HUGE shout out to the BEST LIMO DRIVER I have ever met – I mean, I have been doing this a LONG time but this guy is the BEST. A/he knew where he was going… seems like limo drivers should have that part in the bag but you’d be really surprised B/he never tried to LOSE me on the road – yes, I do have my own set of instructions but we caravan and most limo drivers take that opportunity to reenact Fast and Furious C/ HE WAS AMAZING with the bride, groom, family, wedding party and even with Crystal and I. He took the time to ask if there was anything he could do, asked the bride and groom if they wanted him to run in and grab them something to drink from the venue when we got there, carried stuff for them and was just, overall, a really great guy. You’ll rarely get these crazy plugworthy interjections on my blog but this is SO THAT! Mike from Dream Limousine – Ask for him by name!