Where do I start? I loved this wedding so much. Rachel and Lee were beaming all day with pure happiness, both so excited to marry each other and celebrate their love.

They were surrounded by love and laughter all day and even though their guest list was large it felt like a small intimate gathering simply because of how warm and welcoming all the guests were to one another. Their wedding was at Adat Shalom Synagogue in Farmington Hills, which has been Rachel’s Family’s Synagogue since she was a young girl. Can you imagine the memories going through her parent’s heads as they watched her walk down the aisle toward them? They said it felt like yesterday when she stood right there for her Bat Mitzvah. You could see the flood of emotion rush over them time and time again and although they never said it I knew what they were thinking. How did time pass so quickly? How did she go from that little girl to this beautiful woman in just a blink of an eye?