Wedding Venue Spotlight: Pine Knob Mansion in Clarkston 

Over the years I’ve shot at some of the best wedding venues in SE Michigan. There are so many I adore that I decided to start a venue spotlight category on the blog. I plan to feature one every few weeks or so.

I really love mansion and estate weddings, they seem to offer the best of everything. A large, gorgeous, venue with an intimate feeling.

At the top of my list is Pine Knob Mansion in Clarkston. You can stroll 2 different garden areas, take in magnificent views and relax on the patio. There aren’t many places in SE Michigan that offer “magnificent views” that’s for sure!

Pine Knob Mansion sits up above Clarkston and makes you feel as if you are miles and miles away from everything when in actuality you’re in the heart of town.



The staff at Pine Knob Mansion is incredible. They will make sure all your guests are taken care of and their bridal suite for getting ready is absolutely gorgeous. It’s light and airy and big enough for even the largest of bridal parties. 

Insider tip:
Having a beautiful bridal suite makes for a perfect backup plan if you have intermittent rain on your wedding day. Wedding party photos can be taken in this room if necessary and that’s a rare thing for a venue! There are many other options throughout the mansion that will work for indoor photos too. Something you definitely want to consider just in case. 



Pine Knob Mansion boasts one of the most beautiful ceremony sites, meticulously groomed year round. 



So many unique textured spots to take beautiful photos. 



Their elegant reception dining room that can be styled diversely to match the feel of your wedding.  I also really love how you have the option to have your dancing outside or inside. Both options are removed from the dining room which gives your guests the ability to mingle without having to shout over The Cupid Shuffle!

I have found that having multiple areas for your guests to settle into makes them more comfortable and more apt to stay at your wedding longer. The bar area is also slightly removed from all the action and your cake, sweets and card/gift table are located in the library. Every element of your wedding has it’s place at Pine Knob giving a strolling elegance to your wedding day that you don’t find at very many venues in the area.

And again, the staff!!! What is going on behind the scenes is critical to the flow of your wedding day and the team at Pine Knob just get it!  

Insider tip:
They seat your vendors right off the dining room so they are aware of everything that is going on and they make a point to feed the vendors when you’re fed so they are ready to spring back into action when you are done eating. Some venues actually seat the vendors in rooms (sometimes closets lol) down the hall or a mile away from the action and refuse to feed them until the last guest has eaten. This is wedding day timeline suicide, if the vendors don’t get their food until the last guest is eating it can hold up your first dances. When this happens to me I just skip dinner but not all vendors are like that after working a long day so you’ll want to check with your venue about when and where they will feed your vendors – you want the most out of your coverage for sure and this is an overlooked situation that can cause a real wrinkle on your wedding day. 


 If you’re still checking out venues and haven’t been to Pine Knob Mansion in Clarkston you need to check it out. I guarantee you will fall in love with it.