I was so excited to see an email from Katie asking me to take pictures of her little John. I have worked with Katie and her family for years on various projects and couldn’t wait to meet her little guy.

John was full of laughs and drool! After shooting baby portraits for as long as I have you come to predict how little ones will act at different milestones. Every stage they’re learning or doing something new…. teething and drooling, laughing and giggling, exploring and thoughtful and of course…. sleepy!!

Being a model really takes a lot out of babies and when they fall asleep, well, thats when the real fun begins.. Katie and I had so much fun dressing up John and chatting away as he slept and I took pictures! Sometimes I leave forgetting that this is actually my job… It just feels like friends getting together sometimes! Thank you to whoever hands out careers… I feel very blessed to do what I love every single day and meet so many little faces (and smooch them!!)