Throwback Thursday!! Lauren and Jason Circa 2010!!

Today I logged into facebook, as I do every morning over coffee. Lately I’ve been more than disillusioned by the “goings on” of my friends and family. It appears that everyone has lost touch with what is really important in life and they tend to focus, head down, on every tiny bump in their road. I logged in this morning expecting to roll my eyes 42 times, laugh a little, touch base with some of my favorite people and then move on with my morning. Instead I was stopped cold when I read Lauren’s post (yes, I’m friends with a lot of my clients, this tends to happen when you are so close with them leading up to and after their wedding) I’m happy to be able to have kept up with her and Jason’s life for the past three years and watch their family grow. Over the last year Lauren has had some health struggles, out of privacy I won’t go into all of that but I wanted to share her post today and some of their wedding photos because it really touched me. :

3 years ago I married the man of my dreams! I know that when you are 26 and 30 and you take the vow “in sickness and in health” you don’t expect to be sitting next to your 29 year old wife as she goes through surgery. I have to say Jason, the world went on. People went through their days… As they should. My world stopped. I was depressed, in pain, angry, and sad. Your world stopped too. You were there for me and our precious baby boy. For that I am forever grateful to you. Thank you for keeping your promise. I love you so much! Happy anniversary!!

It is so easy to go about your day and worry about your mortgage payment, your dinner plans, traffic, the weather. It’s easy to fight with your significant other about dirty socks, how much they spent at bed bath and beyond and whether or not they hung their towel up.

But life isn’t about that. Not even a little. Life is about love and being loved. The struggles we face are tests of the love we share and at 50, 60, 70  you expect love to be tested in ways that 20, 30, 40 years of marriage can withhold. You grow with someone and you’re prepared for the inevitable things that can come your way but when medical issues arise right at the start of your beginning you are really tested. I don’t feel every newlywed I know could handle this, I don’t even know if some couples who have been married decades could handle something like this. I watched as they dropped everything and spent a month in California getting the best care possible for Lauren, I watched their posts back and forth – their inside jokes, their giant smiles, their words of love and encouragement. I saw the photos on the beach when Lauren was feeling up to it, pictures of them with their baby boy who had just turned one weeks before and I saw something that I admired, something that inspired me and something that I hope inspires everyone they know and maybe even some of you that don’t know them. Even though they were facing something that was scary and real and life changing they never stopped LOVING, LAUGHING and LIVING! Lauren is recovering but her battle is not over. With Jason and baby Hunter by her side though that smile will never fade and all miracles are possible. Love does make a difference. Love helps heal and with love, all things ARE possible.

Happy 3rd Anniversary Lauren and Jason!