So I have a Saturday off! Of course you can find me sitting at my computer desk ‘working away’ but I can’t let being a dedicated workaholic take all the credit. I’m hiding. My house is full of 5 children ages 4-9. Children I love dearly and cousins to my two but seriously, WHO thought inviting them all over at once was a good idea?

In the last hour there has been hysterical laughs, yelling, dancing, arguing, name calling, singing and crying. And that’s only what I’ve been doing!

I have decided to escape and find solitude in Elizabeth and Matt’s wedding which I will be calling from this moment on “My Happy Place!”

I also have some other news (ok, now I am really just trying to find more things to write about so I don’t have to go ‘out there’ — they’re starting to get hungry and someone has to feed them… I’m scared!)

My new line of wedding albums is in! Pictures (obviously) are coming but all I can say is WOW!! I am so in love with them and can’t wait to take them to my meetings next week. Although I’m going to have a hard time letting people actually touch them! I’ve considered white gloves!!

Ok, I gotta go… I think they’ve taken my husband….