I am obsessed with weddings. Obsessed I tell you. There is no hope for me, no 12 step program and no light at the end of the tunnel. I wouldn’t want there to be either… unless it was a soft beautiful light that fell over the bride and groom and made the shot IN the tunnel worth it. I told you. No hope.

I hear stories, people love to hear themselves talk, about burning out on weddings. Seeing the same thing too many times, dealing with the occasional bridezilla or motherofthebridezilla but I just don’t see that happening for me and I’ve been doing this going on 8 years. Bring me your fatherofthegroomzillas – It wouldn’t phase me. Not to mention I have yet to figure out what they mean by seeing the same thing too many times… Yes, some weddings fit a ‘mold’ loosely or not so loosely but it’s never ever the same thing twice.

There is something about the whirlwindness (new word alert!) that I just love. The anticipation, the drama, the tears, the laughter, the nerves, the calm, the PARTY!!! All of it!

Here’s another part I love that I don’t think gets much play when anyone talks about their favorite parts of a wedding day. The ceremony. I listen to it. Every time, every different religion, culture, beliefs. Every ceremony gets filed away in my memory. I feel like I’m lucky enough every week (well, almost every week it seems) to get a little ‘lesson’ on marriage. What it really is, said in so many different ways but always really meaning the same thing. You love each other. More than anything else in the whole world and you’re ready… you’re ready for literally anything life can throw at you as long as  you have the one you love by  your side. New jobs, new houses, new friends, new meanings behind almost everything. It’s day 1 of the rest of your life as somebody pretty different than who you woke up as that very morning.

Obsessed, I told you.

Erin and Pete were married at Clarkston’s Pine Knob Mansion and had the amazing help of  PlanIt Now Events