Gearing up for full swing wedding season…

Ahhh, it’s that time of year again – the time of year I say goodbye to my Saturdays and purposefully plan all strenuous and tedious outdoor projects around my house for said Saturdays so I can conveniently duck out of doing them…  That time of year that I go to Nordstrom’s not once, not twice but usually 3 times for new flats that have literally worn through from mileage covered. It’s the time of year Crystal and I get Sweet Teas just so we can rehydrate and get a sugar buzz to kickstart the reception. It’s full swing WEDDING SEASON time!

It’s also the time of year I archive past weddings to make room on my harddrive for the new ones. I came across these files, Karianne and David’s October Wedding… I had put all my favorites into a folder called ‘blog it now before you forget’. Guess what, I forgot!!! So yes, it’s all leafy and fallish but I don’t think it’s an accident that I found it today. It got me super GEEKED for tomorrow!!!

Picking out pictures for blog entries is HARD! I have to narrow it down to 20 or so from around 700. It’s something that can literally take me hours and it’s the #1 reason my blog gathers dust sometimes. Usually I pick them out and put them up on the blog and it’s all really a blur. But finding this little folder of my favorites months after I created it and going through them reliving the day got me pumped up for tomorrow – we’re talking “Eye of the Tiger” pumped up!

BRING IT WEDDING SEASON!!! Crystal and I are READY! Well I’m ready, I’ll play Eye of the Tiger for Crystal on repeat tomorrow and I’m sure she’ll be with me (or jump out of the moving vehicle to get away from me). Either way, I’m really excited about the 2013 wedding season and all the fun we’re going to have!