Happy Holidays to my blog followers!! As I look out the window at the piles and piles of gorgeous snow, sipping my coffee and thinking over my incredible year the very first session I thought of was Lisa and Eric’s. Maybe it was the perfectly timed fall colors or the surprising warmth of the fall day but I can’t help but fall in love with this session everytime I look over the images.

Michigan gets a lot of flack for it’s weather but I wouldn’t want it any other way. We have extreme seasons worth waiting for and fall is one of my favorites.

I remember my phone call with Lisa prior to her session – she said “you’re going to think I’m crazy but we want to bring wine, some wooden letters for our wedding date and we also want to shoot some pictures with a corvette” CRAZY??? NO WAY!! First, she said she was bringing WINE to her session – I pretty much could have stopped listening after that because my mind got carried away with romantic autumn picnic ideas. I bought a picnic basket this summer with dreams of family picnics in the park on lazy weekend days. Strike one, there is no such thing as a lazy weekend day. Guess how many times we used the picnic basket to date? Yeah, that would be NONE. But it was worth every penny with Lisa and Eric – I love the whole idea that their session was more of an afternoon with them than an engagement session and I truly encourage all my clients to tap into their ‘crazy’ a little more. Together, we’ll turn it into something amazing!

And the corvette! What?! Yeah, they wouldn’t let me drive it but how fun! And fedoras! I’m a huge Leonard Cohen fan so anytime there is a fedora on the scene I’m all about it 😉

I can’t wait for their wedding this summer. I can’t wait for summer. But instead I’m going to go warm up some hot cocoa for my freezing little babies who have been building all kinds of snow things in the yard all morning.