So yes, this is little overdue! But I’m still really excited (having a baby sortof got in the way of keeping up on the blog!) A while ago I received an email from Rebecca Crumley – Now YOU may not know who that is but I DO! And so do a lot of knottie followers… she’s the photo editor at the knot and if you get an email from her you OPEN IT AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

Here is how it started (my reactions are in parentheses) – Hi Emily, (OMG REBECCA CRUMLEY just said my name!)

I came across Becky and Darian’s wedding on your blog, (WHAT, you were ON MY BLOG!!!) and I LOVE it! (OMG OMG OMG) I think it could be a great match for The Knot to do as a real wedding in our following issue of The Knot Michigan. (FAINTED)

When I came to I had to reread it and then broke out into “We are the champions” glee style and stood on my chair, which was a bad idea because it’s one of those swiveling type chairs and I think we all know how that story ended…

Many many many months later it hit newstands and by now it’s being swiftly replaced with the fall/winter Knot magazines as wedding seasons just keep rolling by… Don’t worry, I kept a copy (or two.. oh who am I kidding… I have 4!!) The kids thought the whole magazine was about me, I haven’t corrected them yet.