Little Alex was only 9 days old when we did his session and OH MY GOD!!! He smelled sooo good!!! OK, I do realize that this may sound creepy but I don’t know a single woman who isn’t overcome by the smell of a newborn! Ok, maybe one or two but they are in the minority.

There’s just so much hope and promise bundled up in those little onsies!!

Those little teeney tiny feet, that little nose, 10 perfect fingers and a mommy and daddy who are glowing with pride as they introduce their little miracle into the world. Newborn sessions are among my most favorite of all (and not just because I get to hold and cuddle with the babies… although thats a pretty big part of it!)  I love them because I get to be a part of a fleeting moment in time – those first days home with your baby fly by and those little fingers turn into toddler hands to hold while you run through the playground before you know it!

I know – my babies just turned 5 and 9!