I finally made some time to order new products!!!!! Yay!!! Please, someone out there do a happy dance with me because this is seriously more overdue than a 44 week pregnancy!

I’ve ordered wedding and baby albums in pretty much the raddest leathers, layouts and sizes, photo cover cd cases, canvas’ and more… As is the way with all things drenched in goodness I will be waiting a few weeks before they’re in my impatient hands but just the other day this little package came in and I couldn’t wait to throw it on the blog for everyone to see.

How often are you at your friend’s house or out to dinner and you’re just dying to brag about your baby or your wedding… come on, admit it, it’s ALOT…

Now, you can carry these adorable and sturdy 3×3 accordion brag books to torture all your friends, family and heck – even strangers if the mood strikes! They come standard with a frosty hard plastic cover so you can literally toss it in your purse (or man purse as the case may be) and it will be safe and beautiful everytime you reach for it. They make cute desk accessories too!

They come in sets of three which pretty much rocks! One for each parent (or bride and groom) and one for  your favorite mother… sorry, you’ll have to pick a favorite! My print lab is SO judgemental!  *lol*

2nd sets are available for a discounted rate of $60 so if you need to level the playing field I’ve got you covered! You can order them in metallic print or standard matte (this set is in metallic because Kalyn gave me complete creative control!)

The covers are custom made depending on your photos and your personal style – quotes, birth facts, wedding dates, song lyrics, pretty much anything can be added to the layouts. You can feature many pictures or a few big ones that span across the entire inside of the book. Really the sky is the limit with these little books.

Featured on this set is little Eliza. I feel like I’m a member of Kalyn and Mark’s family now. I shot their wedding, monthly portraits of Kalyn’s belly as it grew, her maternity session and now that Eliza is FINALLY here I’ll be taking her portraits all year! What better way to celebrate than with these little brag books!

I’m not going to lie, I am IN LOVE with Eliza! It’s hard for me not to fall in love with all the little ones I’m so lucky to meet but Eliza is special. Perhaps its that her first session lasted an unmentionable amount of hours. Oh, wait, that wasn’t her fault that was me and Kalyn’s fault for being so gabby!!!! (Just ask Mark)

I can’t wait to feature more pictures of her through the year as I’ve been promised by Kalyn that she will be the most photogenic and cutest baby I’ve ever photographed. I’m holding her to this but from what I’ve seen so far I think it’s a safe call!

These aren’t listed in The Shoppe yet so please email me to order your sets now! When the intro sale is over the regular price will be 3 for $100 so GET ON IT!