Tuesday was a dreary day, I wasn’t sure anything could lift my mood until this package showed up on my doorstep! I tore into it like it was a canvas of my own child because over the course of the year I spent with Lauren, Justin and Owen I really fell in love with their family. Our sessions always lasted longer than they should, mainly because I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of Owen and at the end of the year I drove away from them feeling so SAD that I wasn’t going to get an email in a few weeks scheduling his next session… I can’t help myself from really liking my clients and becoming friends with them. And honestly, the pictures I take are a true reflection of that (so, I’d say it’s a good thing!)

I was SOOO happy when Lauren emailed me the good news that Owen was going to be a big brother. I mean, let’s face it, he had the ‘big’ part down all along. I have to laugh because around his 6 month session he started to look bigger than Lauren!!! There’s nothing like a big baby boy to give bear hugs to. And I can’t wait to see him again soon to get some more of that Owie Bear love!