So last year on my traveling tour of cider mills, apple orchards and other fallorific locations I happened upon Three Cedars Farms in Northville. I LOVED IT! I probably shouldn’t announce great spots because then they will become overcrowded with fauxtogs… but if I can squeeze in amongst them just one time a year I’ll be happy. This place is so cute I had to bring my own family back. (for donuts… NOT for pictures… I already know they’ll need therapy someday from all the pictures I take of them, no need to ruin cider mills for them too now)

So besides fall being my favorite season, the colors being my favorite and even the temperature being my favorite it is like a serendipitous extra blessing to be able to shoot my FAVORITE PEOPLE during this window of Michigan loveliness.

Truman was 3 when we did this session,  I’ve been taking his pictures since he was a newborn and it makes me soooo excited to see him and watch him become a little dude. He is so smart and fun and, do I NEED to say it? It’s obvious… he’s a little hearbreaker! And Evie is joining the ranks of the toddlers soon enough. I can’t believe how quickly time goes by. They say your own children grow up in a blink of an eye. Try photographing children! Your year is marked by 3 month appointments where you literally watch transformations that blow your mind. Life is fast friends. That’s no joke.

And that’s why you hire me to capture these fleeting moments…. see what I did there 😉