It’s sprinter again (not quite spring, not quite over winter). I like to run specials during this time just to amuse myself because the weather has lost it’s entertainment value.

So, this sprinter I’m pushing baby books. Let’s face it, anytime anyone puts something on sale they’re pushing it so why sugar coat it?  I’ve always been honest with you before, why not now? I have an ulterior motive for running this sale… ooohhh big surprise, right?

But it’s not to make money (obviously by the cost of the books, right now!) I just want LOADS of them to get ordered so I can photograph them. They’re the cutest things ever and I want a variety of layouts and cover styles/colors to really show them off! So there you have it, my not so concealed anymore ulterior motive… I want to do fun product shoots and you want baby books (these can also have wedding, engagement, maternity, family and senior portraits in them)  It’s a win-win situation!

So order now, details below. All orders must be in by midnight Thursday April 7th!