Who doesn’t love Meadowbrook Mansion? Last month I was lucky enough to shoot two back to back weddings there and fell in love all over again with the grounds, mansion and history of one of the most beautiful historic landmarks in Michigan.

Kelly and Alex couldn’t have picked a better spot for their garden themed wedding, Alex kept commenting on how he felt he was born in the wrong century which is exactly how I feel – The Edwardian Era was so incredibly beautiful! No iphones, no laptops, no checking in on foursquare to tell your friends you were at the Mercantile shop. LOL! But you know, there’s that whole plague and women’s inequality business too so maybe it’s just a case of the grass being greener. 😉

I did feel like I stepped back in time with them for the day though. Of course Alex supplied his groomsmen with canes to carry for the day and we had a blast walking the grounds and finding fun spots for pictures. Alex’s laugh was infectious and his sense of humor spot on. At one point at the reception Kelly laughed and looked at me and said “What did I marry into?” after he swung her around and dipped her in a flurry. I just looked at her and said “FUN!” We both laughed and they were off again to the dancefloor.

Never in all my years have I seen the bride and groom on the dancefloor as much as I did at Kelly and Alex’s wedding. They were the lives of the party and everyone was just drawn to them and their fun personalities. It was quite the night! I was so glad they booked me to capture such an unforgettable day! Even the DJ came over to me at one point and said they were the most obviously in love couple he had ever seen. He works for Mike Staff, he’s seen A LOT of couples through the years 😉 But Kelly and Alex did stand out as being just so head over heels for each other!