So these two! Let’s see, we wanted a snow storm soooo badly for their engagement pictures and this winter was the unwinteryest winter there ever was. So we settled on a foggy, gloomy day but their love brightened up every shot. Ok, that was full blown cheese, I will try to keep that in check better! But it’s true. It’s as if nothing can shake these two, they are just HAPPY to be around each other. Well, it could have been me because I’m pretty funny I must say – What? You’re not picking up on that? LOL

So fast forward to their wedding day. All anyone wants is sunshine. Brides devote blogs to it, learn rain dances for it, offer up their first borns for it. (Ok, literally no one has done that but I imagine in the wee hours of the night, days prior to their wedding, they’ve at the very least considered it.) Well, they got sunshine. Lots of it. It was BEAUTIFUL but holy greenhouse effect it was HUMID! I mean, sweating arms humid. Yes, your arms sweat in the Michigan summer humidity. It’s gross, it’s weird, it’s Pure Michigan.

But again they blew me away with how nothing could affect them negatively. They were just so HAPPY to be there, so happy to be marrying each other and soooo in love that everything else melted away. Literally, stuff was melting… 😉



Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club 


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