I’m on it this year, I have already completed my entire Christmas list and have all the items in my cart on amazon and ready to go. Christmas is not going to surprise me this year. I’m not going to end up in the mall with 1000 crazy eyed women and a few REALLY crazy eyed men scavenging for the last  ‘whatever the thing is that the kids have to have or they’ll die’! Nope, not this lady. And as I add things like wrapping paper to my cart I’m getting pretty excited for the snow to fall.

Everyone in Michigan waits with excitement for the winter to come.

Oh wait, actually noone in Michigan does.

But I’m not really sure why, I think the snow is gorgeous and I enjoy holding my camera with white knuckles wondering if this is the year I’ll lose my shooting finger to hypothermia. It’s all part of the wonder and beauty of Pure Michigan.

When I met with Michael about his and Jillian’s January wedding we had a similar dialogue about how beautiful Michigan winters ‘can’ be. All hope and big eyed excitement about the possibilities of a beautiful snowy wedding. The problem with Michigan though is that when you WANT snow, you rarely get snow. You get slush and yuck. Usually. But Jillian and Michael must have done something right. We didn’t get snowfall during the day but it was cold enough to keep the snow on the ground and as Crystal and I started to pull out of the parking lot at the end of the night THE. MOST. AMAZING. huge white fluffy snow flakes started to fall. So, we had a team huddle about what we could do, what we should do and if we should go interrupt them on the dancefloor after we had already said our goodbyes. Long story short,  Crystal did the running and I did the setting up and what we got when they came outside was magical. Jillian was so happy, like a little kid on Christmas. It was a pretty magical moment and as our last wedding until March we drove away with a renewed sense of WHY this is the most incredible job on the planet. Moments like that.

And Jillian and Michael deserved a little extra special magic for their wedding.  I feel like I say all my clients are incredible but they really are. I mean REALLY incredible. I’m lucky!!! I know this, I count my blessings often. I really loved being a part of their engagement pictures and wedding pictures and maybe even some day being a part of welcoming little Jillian and Michaels… I just hope to always know them. They’re the kind of people you want around you, positive and loving and fun. My kind of peeps!