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child portrait sessions


My absolute favorite sessions are child portrait sessions. pure joy.
some crying.


I don't know who needs to hear this but your family portraits are probably outdated.
Let's fix that.

family sessions

newborn sessions


Congratulations, You're
About to Welcome a New Bundle into your Family!

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Where are your favorite locations to shoot family sessions in Michigan?

I have some favorites spots, most within a 20 minute radius of Clarkston, MI.
Downtown Fenton has a variety of backgrounds like no other location.
Of course I love shooting family photography in downtown Clarkston. And any of our area parks are always a good choice.
I also love Bay Court Park which has a beach, trails, and interesting architecture.
If none of these fit the bill, let's chat!


How long have you been doing this? Is my baby safe?

This isn't so much a frequently "asked" question. It's more like a frequently "thought" panic attack. Don't worry, I get it!!! And I want you to be comfortable with a stranger in your home just days after the biggest life event to date.
I've been taking newborn photos in Clarkston MI and beyond for over 18 years. I am extremely gentle and patient with your new bundle and I'm hoping during this session you can just put your feet up on the couch and watch me work. I love that!

scheduling annually

What's the best yearly plan for portraits to make sure we don't forget?

I think family photos can be taken yearly if you want to use them for Christmas cards or you want to update your wall art etc. Every 2-3 will ensure you capture the big changes in all the kids and stop your photos from looking too outdated.
For portrait sessions with the kids by themselves? Every year from Zero - 12. I say to 12 because, have you met a 12 year old. They are no longer interested in portraits and don't get interested again until their senior pictures lol. But when they're young, they play and laugh and that's when I'm able to capture their true personalities and inner light.

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