You’re all winners to me!!!

Well, if you hang out on facebook a lot then you know this weekend was my first EVER Contest! I’ve mentioned I’m in the process of refreshing all albums, products and shopping goodness and I wanted a contest to decide who would be the baby on the cover of a gorgeous new album sample! Pictures of that will be coming as soon as it’s ordered but it will be an amazing way to display your baby, child, family, senior, wedding or engagement pictures with a stunning photo cover and heavy duty pages. In short, it will rock!

But back to the contest…. Not only did the winner become a cover model they also won a 20×10 Fine Art Canvas Gallery Wrap! 2nd and 3rd Places won a set of 3 Accordion Brag Books and a 50% OFF coupon for any canvas or baby book.

And the winners are…..

Mister Ryan with 124 votes!!

Miss Gianna with 99 votes!!

and Miss Eliza with 91 votes!

But you’re all winners to me! I just have to take this moment to tell all my clients how blessed I feel to be a part of their lives. The support that was shown for ej during this contest was legen — wait for it — DARY! The emails and messages I got from both clients and voters has been a carwash of good vibes and positive feedback. The best part would be that these pics were selected by the clients! These are THEIR favorites and that’s what made it all so special!

Stay tuned for the wedding version of this contest later this Spring! I can hardly wait to see all the pics that come in for that!