Intimate wedding and elopement photography in Michigan is something I absolutely love to do. I always feel honored to be a part of something so special. A lot of times, because of the small guest list size, couples omit a professional photographer from their budget. I’m a little biased but of all the things you want to cut out this just isn’t one of them. 


You may think there won’t be much to photograph and you couldn’t be more wrong about that!

A smaller wedding is the perfect atmosphere for photojournalism and candid photography. Your guests feel more at home and relaxed and act more naturally. You will get photos of your closest family and friends that you will cherish forever. 


You may think the ceremony won’t be long enough for photos.

The truth is feelings can’t be measured in minutes. Whether your ceremony is 10 or 120 minutes you’re still going to share an amazing look when you see each other for the first time. You’re still going to get chills when it’s time to exchange rings. And you’ll still feel such a rush of adrenaline and euphoria when you’re announced as married for the first time! All of these memories are worth being captured. Having your wedding documented with professional photography will be something you will always look back on as the best choice you could have made. 


You may think your photographer will stand out like a sore thumb and ruin the whole feeling you’re trying to create with an intimate wedding.

I can’t really speak for everyone but I have been told by past clients that my superpower is blending in. Part of being a good photographer is being able to help people relax and to bring out their true personalities. I feel this small skill is often overlooked when choosing a photographer for your wedding day when it should probably be at the top of the list. Does your photographer make you feel good? Are you comfortable with them and do you feel like conversations just flow. If you answered no to any of those questions you may want to reconsider how pretty those pictures on their website are because if you don’t feel good you won’t look good and if you feel uneasy or like you just don’t click with your photographer it will show in your pics. As long as when we chat you feel comfortable I can guarantee you won’t find my being around on your wedding day obtrusive in the least. 


Here’s a little known fact, my husband and I eloped.

It was sooooo long ago, before I was even a professional wedding photographer and I didn’t know any better. So we didn’t have a photographer. It is the biggest regret. Some think when you elope you regret not having the big day, the first dances, the cake or any number of things you may omit to create a wedding that’s perfect for you. For me none of it mattered. I never regretted not having a big dress or a first dance. But I regret over and over not having anything but photos my sister and brother in law took. 

Your wedding day, be it big or small, is a milestone in your life. It’s a moment in time you want captured and who better to understand how to do that for you then someone who had an elopement and understands the reasons behind wanting a smaller wedding.
Once the decision to have a smaller wedding is made the next step is looking for the perfect spot to have it. There are so many options in Michigan but sometimes planning a wedding right in the backyard is as great a choice as any other. Claire and Eric (below) did just that, they chose to have their wedding in the backyard of Claire’s parents’ home in Ann Arbor. No matter where you have it, if you’re surrounded by those you love most it will be the perfect place! 

If you’re stumped this article from MLIVE highlights some spots to consider for your intimate wedding!