Cindy and Joe at Twin Lakes Golf and Swim Club

September 27, 2013

I’m up late working, as usual, and as I’m putting up Cindy and Joe’s pictures I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to meet the people I get to meet and share so many wonderful memories with them.

I honestly feel like every couple chooses me for different reasons and as I have no control over who finds me and who ends up hiring me it’s a happy kind of serendipity to look at the amazing couples I end up working with in any given year. I’m pretty lucky to have NEVER had a bridezilla. Like, EVER! That’s a pretty good run if I do say so myself.

Joe and Cindy are the cream that rises to the top though – I have never met a couple that have been more sincere, sweet and loving with each other and with everyone around them! From the moment I met them all the way through their wedding planning and even after I have felt nothing but gratefulness  to know them and to have been a part of their wedding day. When Cindy called me for our final consultation we gabbed for so long, it was so wonderful to spend the time and chat about everything that had been going on since we talked last and it was clear that their love for and from their friends and family was stronger than ever and that their wedding day was going to be a celebration of that.

I end up learning something from every couple I meet and I walk away from every wedding feeling like I do something really meaningful. It’s a rare thing in this life to say  that when I go to work I get to witness two people committing to a lifetime of love, I get to hear what their dearest friends think of them and see their parent’s faces when they have their first dance as husband and wife. I also get to see everyone dance to Blurred Lines until their feet ache… That part is not really so moving but it still happens. EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND… ok, seriously dj’s it’s time for a new song… but I digress…

Here are just a few sneak peeks from Cindy and Joe’s wedding earlier this month.. definitely more to come…






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