Another Fun Engagement Session Downtown Plymouth

The title is a little misleading… all engagement sessions are fun… but Steve and Kait? I’m surprised ANY of these are in focus because I was laughing so hard the whole time. Their wedding photos are on ‘the list’ too. What is ‘the list’ you ask? Well I’d be happy to tell you…. It’s the […]

6 Months Old Already

Where does the time go!? Everytime I do laundry I feel like her baby-ness is slipping away, one outfit at a time. She’s growing out of everything and getting into anything she can. She’s laughing, crawling, sitting, eating, waving and clapping. She’s perfection and she’s all mine (and Ed’s LOL) Right now she’s ‘baby snoring’ […]

Michigan Portrait and Wedding Photographer

Wow! What a year – It’s no secret I’m probably the WORST blogger on the face of the internet. I’ve done a decent job of keeping up on facebook but blogging is not my strength. I am beyond envious of photographers that have time to post daily but to be honest, there just aren’t enough […]

 Fine Art Canvas Gallery Wraps

Tuesday was a dreary day, I wasn’t sure anything could lift my mood until this package showed up on my doorstep! I tore into it like it was a canvas of my own child because over the course of the year I spent with Lauren, Justin and Owen I really fell in love with their […]