Michigan Fall Portraits

So last year on my traveling tour of cider mills, apple orchards and other fallorific locations I happened upon Three Cedars Farms in Northville. I LOVED IT! I probably shouldn’t announce great spots because then they will become overcrowded with fauxtogs… but if I can squeeze in amongst them just one time a year I’ll […]

Baby Fever on the Blog!

So my job is just soooo hard, I have to cuddle and smell babies all the time! Totally not creepy at all because it’s my JOB! Now that, all by itself, is awesomesauce but when past wedding clients contact me to come and cuddle and smell their babies I’m over the moon. I need to […]

Brooklyn and Brenden

Probably the BEST part of my job is my returning clients. The ones that come back to me over and over and I REALLY know. They are more friends than clients and pretty much nothing helps little kiddos do their best in pics more than a level of comfort and familiarity with ‘the camera lady’. […]

Samantha and Sophie Clarkston Portrait Photography

So last night was a pretty great night all around – I got to shoot (and play red light green light) with these two blonde haired beauties just days after their parents celebrated their 5 year wedding anniversary!! (Whose wedding I shot) THIS! This is what it’s all about for me. I can’t begin to […]

Michigan Portrait Photography – Summer catch-up!

I have been SO busy this summer sharing in so many memories, from newborn chubby cheeks to dancing toddlers and little ones who are growing up so fast I can’t believe my eyes everytime I see them! Here’s just a sampling of some of the little faces I’ve been able to smile with over the […]