The Four Bridesmaids Every Bride Needs and One To Avoid!

1. The “Mom” This is the friend that always has tissues in her purse, the one who can get a stain out of pretty much anything and the friend who will be taking care of you all day. Asking if you ate enough lunch, making sure you stay hydrated, carrying around your lipgloss for quick touchups, running interference on anyone who may be attempting to bring stress anywhere in your general direction. This is different from your actual mom as she will probably be the one this bridesmaid will be protecting you from (just kidding, sortof 😉 )  She is a great asset not only to you but to me too! She will know all your family members and closest friends and she will help me find them quickly for photos!

2. The “Comedian” She is my favorite. She will keep the day light and fun and a smile on your face. She is invaluable during the anxious hours pre-ceremony when you may have a few small freak outs (it’s normal!) She’ll have THE best toast that all your friends and family will be talking about for years and you’ll be so grateful for her positive presence on your wedding day.

3. The “Optimist” This girl can see the silver lining on an atomic bomb. She was built to see everything through rose tinted glasses and she will balance out any irrational fears you might have. She will also be able to sense something negative a mile away and get in front of it. A delayed cake will become an opportunity to mingle longer. Rain will be a chance for romantic photos with umbrellas. There isn’t a thing that could happen that she couldn’t put a positive spin on.

4. The “Party Girl” The party girl is one of my favorites too! She is the BEST and “The Mom” will keep her in line for the first part of the day so you have nothing to worry about. She WILL sneak extra booze in your mimosa, she will encourage “shots” more than she should and she will MAKE YOUR DANCEFLOOR! You will love dancing to 80’s songs with her and she will keep the day lively and fun. She will also happily head up the bachelorette party planning!

Now that you’ve got your your MVP lineup there is one bridesmaid you should attempt to avoid at all costs. 

The “Eeyore” This girl thinks it’s her job to complain. She’s great when you’ve had a bad day at work because she’ll bash your boss and your coworkers and blame everyone else for everything. On your wedding day though she will magnify anything stressful and mixing her with family members that are stressful (we all have them) will be like adding gasoline to a fire. She won’t be able to keep her thoughts to herself and will say things that will leave you second guessing yourself and your choices. Your “Optimist” bridesmaid will be trying to undo everything she does all day, your “Mom” bridesmaid will be reprimanding her and your “Comedian” and “Party Girl” will be doubling down on the cocktails to deal with her. Basically, she’s kryptonite to even the strongest of wedding parties! 

So there you have it. 4 bridesmaids you NEED and 1 you will be better off without! Happy