Well hello there internet! It’s such a common misconception that when  you go to someone’s blog and they haven’t updated it in a while that they are not working as much!

That could not be farther from the truth. My world is so packed that I have no time to stop and write it down. Most recently I’ve spent the last 2 months producing for the Clarkston Village Players Youth Theatre. It was something I had planned to ease into but fate had a different intention. It was quite possibly the busiest, yet most rewarding, volunteering I’ve ever done. 21 kids shining on stage and feeling great about themselves and what they’ve worked so hard to accomplish is incredible. I have such passion for keeping the performing arts alive and flourishing for our youth and this particular program is second to none!

Announcements: I have A LOT of sessions to upload from last fall until now, I plan to work on it slowly until I’m caught up but just know that I’m still here and still as busy as ever!!! Fall portrait sessions are booking up pretty fast and I have maybe 2 more slots open for senior pictures so shoot me an email if you want to get on the books! I promise to put you on my blog before NEXT year too 🙂 🙂