Probably the BEST part of my job is my returning clients. The ones that come back to me over and over and I REALLY know. They are more friends than clients and pretty much nothing helps little kiddos do their best in pics more than a level of comfort and familiarity with ‘the camera lady’.

I have been shooting Courtney and Bill’s kids since that big girl you see in these pictures was a newborn! I love that little girl. We have the best time together and when I come to take pictures of her new baby brother I LOVE hearing about all the amazing things in her life! I can’t help myself and usually take a handful of pics of her too! One thing is for absopositivelutely sure Bill and Courtney make some pretty adorable kids. And should have many many many more so I’m pretty much guaranteed to come and see them every 3 months forever. (Except the days Courtney forgets we have appointments and I’m standing on her porch texting her… Sorry Court, had to do it!!! LOL – I still love you!!! )