A blog update? What? Really!! That’s shocking you say? Well, believe me, I’m just as shocked as you are. Talk about a CRAZY last few months. I have to thank my amazing clients for keeping me busy but between editing, weddings, Christmas card shoots and meetings for 2015 weddings I just haven’t had time to update the blog!

I’m pretty excited to share some of Laura and Brian’s photos though. I shot their engagement session in the fall so I already knew we were going to have the best time, what I didn’t account for was how jaw dropping amazing Brian’s suit was… ok, I’m kidding, you know I’m talking about Laura’s dress 😉 What a fairy tale dress to match a fairy tale day. They never stopped smiling (and not just because they are both dentists and enjoy marketing their work… heh heh) but because they were so HAPPY!!!

It seems weird to say this but not every bride and groom are this happy. A lot of times the stress of planning the day or in really rare (sarcasm) circumstances your relatives can cause you stress but that just wasn’t the case with these two. Of course it helped that their families were the bomb! And their friends were so fun! But it was more than that even. They were just SO HAPPY to be getting married. So happy to share the day with each other and so happy to just BE. I seriously wish I could shoot 100 more weddings just like theirs.

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