So my job is just soooo hard, I have to cuddle and smell babies all the time! Totally not creepy at all because it’s my JOB! Now that, all by itself, is awesomesauce but when past wedding clients contact me to come and cuddle and smell their babies I’m over the moon. I need to stop saying smell don’t I? 😉

I was so lucky to get to meet Lauren and Jason’s littlest munchkin Hudson right around their 4 year wedding anniversary (9/10/10!) 🙂 And let me tell you, the cuddles were worth the wait, this little guy is adorable!!! Well, you can see for yourself!

And then within the same week I got to meet Jody and Brian’s little princess and their 3 year anniversary is coming up on the 1st of October! I think we can all agree that Miss Scarlett is pretty much perfection!

I just can’t describe how amazing it is to not only spend a wedding day with a couple and literally meet every single person who matters to them in a single day but then, years later, to still be in contact with them and get the calls that their family is expanding is just so, well, amazing. I said amazing too many times but I just can’t think of a better word.

Here’s one of Lauren and Jason from 2010 🙂 0445


One from Jody and Brian in 2011 🙂

Blog-Collage-1411493769659Blog-Collage-1411490121527Blog-Collage-1411490168743Blog-Collage-1411490233150The story behind the next photo is the BEST.EVER! Brian and Jody went to a halloween party dressed as a bee and a beekeeper and 9 months later along came their very own little baby bee!

Grandma bought them the little outfit as a surprise and of course it had to make it into the newborn session 🙂 So cute!