Another Fun Engagement Session Downtown Plymouth

December 15, 2012

The title is a little misleading… all engagement sessions are fun… but Steve and Kait? I’m surprised ANY of these are in focus because I was laughing so hard the whole time. Their wedding photos are on ‘the list’ too. What is ‘the list’ you ask? Well I’d be happy to tell you….

It’s the unimaginably daunting, a million page long list of sessions and weddings that I wish (if there were an alternate universe that I had spare time on) were already on the blog! I’ve looked into cloning but it’s too expensive so for the time being you’ll get your spoonfuls of blog updates here and there! I’ve made empty promises in the past to keep up on the blog better so I won’t insult you again by saying in 2013 I will. In fact, I hope I don’t. Who wants spare time anyway??? ūüôā

Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings…