Well, to say the last year has been a whirlwind would be the understatement of the (I don’t know, what’s the biggest word you can think of? Century? Universe? Millennium (that’s so 2000)) Sorry, I got off track…

My point is that I have been busy!!! Meeting so many new people, being a part of so many new beginnings (both marriage and family).  But I’m excited to finally find some time to share some of the most memorable work from last season.

Since my year was such a “whirlwind” (I’m air quoting for maximum sarcasm) I figured I’d start Beth and Shannon’s wedding. It was the windiest day Western Michigan has seen since 1823 (I just made that up). But it was really windy! Even the S.S. Badger was docked (that part is not made up.)

Of course Beth and Shannon had planned their entire wedding outdoors not anticipating this grenade of a weather day.  Tensions were high when they were reporting 10-14 foot waves at Ludington Pier and gusts of 70mph.

Beth and her sisters gathered at the house and although Beth and I had talked on countless occasions (she’s not only my bride but also a photographer with her sisters in PA) this was the first time I’d met her sisters. Not one, not two but three sister photographers! I felt like the little Bee Girl in the Blind Melon video (if you have to google that I’ll be embarrassed). Not only were we all photographers but we all had the same sense of humor (which if you know me,  isn’t the most common of occurrences.) So we giggled, shared war stories, giggled some more… it was shaping up to be a perfect day (except for that wind out there.)

There were talks of moving it ON the S.S. Badger, reinforcing the reception tent, anchoring the bride and groom so they didn’t blow away during the ceremony… the usual pre-wedding conversation.

But something happened just moments before the ceremony – clouds broke… the sun emerged and it was breathtaking. Her mom had called it her Magical Nautical Wedding Weekend and although this produced more snickers and arm punching than anything a mother has ever said to her mocking daughters it actually turned out to be true.