Brian and Laura!!

A blog update? What? Really!! That’s shocking you say? Well, believe me, I’m just as shocked as you are. Talk about a CRAZY last few months. I have to thank my amazing clients for keeping me busy but between editing, weddings, Christmas card shoots and meetings for 2015 weddings I just haven’t had time to update the blog!

I’m pretty excited to share some of Laura and Brian’s photos though. I shot their engagement session in the fall so I already knew we were going to have the best time, what I didn’t account for was how jaw dropping amazing Brian’s suit was… ok, I’m kidding, you know I’m talking about Laura’s dress;)What a fairy tale dress to match a fairy tale day. They never stopped smiling (and not just because they are both dentists and enjoy marketing their work… heh heh) but because they were so HAPPY!!!

It seems weird to say this but not every bride and groom are this happy. A lot of times the stress of planning the day or in really rare (sarcasm) circumstances your relatives can cause you stress but that just wasn’t the case with these two. Of course it helped that their families were the bomb! And their friends were so fun! But it was more than that even. They were just SO HAPPY to be getting married. So happy to share the day with each other and so happy to just BE. I seriously wish I could shoot 100 more weddings just like theirs.

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Inn at St. John’s

Mike Staff Productions 

Claudia and Harry and their beautiful Detroit Wedding Ceremony

I shoot a lot of really big wedding celebrations, but my heart definitely loves a wonderfully intimate wedding ceremony. Claudia and Harry convalidated their marriage with a beautiful ceremony at the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament on a beautiful Friday in September. Their family lives very far so in the initial planning stages it was just to be them (and me:)but her Mother made a special trip from Mexico just to be there for them and it was the most heartwarming ceremony with just her mother and some close cousins present. Oh, and about 25 teenage girls who were touring the Cathedral from the Academy of the Sacred Heart who Claudia and Harry invited to sit and watch.

It was kind of serendipitous actually. As we were shooting on Belle Isle (which is soooo amazingly gorgeous this time of year) a group of senior citizen women (about 30 or so) were dropped off by bus right outside where we were shooting. They walked by and oooed and aaaahhhed at Claudia and Harry and gave them sage words of advice (such as “don’t forget, she’s always right;)Claudia referred to them later as her angels and it was the sweetest blessing. When we got to the church and all of the young girls were touring they were in aw of Claudia in her dress. Some near tears when they saw here. It was as if they were being blessed by the young and the old that day. Their presence added such life and vitality to the ceremony. They cheered when they were pronounced man and wife and many had to make their way to Claudia and Harry to hug them.

What started out as a small affair took on a new meaning as nearly 50 total strangers took the time to bless and congratulate them:)It was pretty incredible! I wish I had taken some pics of the older women but my focus was elsewhere at the time – but I did definitely get some of the young girls as they raised their hands with excitement while they were being prayed over.:)


Michigan Fall Portraits

So last year on my traveling tour of cider mills, apple orchards and other fallorific locations I happened upon Three Cedars Farms in Northville. I LOVED IT! I probably shouldn’t announce great spots because then they will become overcrowded with fauxtogs… but if I can squeeze in amongst them just one time a year I’ll be happy. This place is so cute I had to bring my own family back. (for donuts… NOT for pictures… I already know they’ll need therapy someday from all the pictures I take of them, no need to ruin cider mills for them too now)

So besides fall being my favorite season, the colors being my favorite and even the temperature being my favorite it is like a serendipitous extra blessing to be able to shoot my FAVORITE PEOPLE during this window of Michigan loveliness.

Truman was 3 when we did this session,  I’ve been taking his pictures since he was a newborn and it makes me soooo excited to see him and watch him become a little dude. He is so smart and fun and, do I NEED to say it? It’s obvious… he’s a little hearbreaker! And Evie is joining the ranks of the toddlers soon enough. I can’t believe how quickly time goes by. They say your own children grow up in a blink of an eye. Try photographing children! Your year is marked by 3 month appointments where you literally watch transformations that blow your mind. Life is fast friends. That’s no joke.

And that’s why you hire me to capture these fleeting moments…. see what I did there;)


Baby Fever on the Blog!

So my job is just soooo hard, I have to cuddle and smell babies all the time! Totally not creepy at all because it’s my JOB! Now that, all by itself, is awesomesauce but when past wedding clients contact me to come and cuddle and smell their babies I’m over the moon. I need to stop saying smell don’t I?;)

I was so lucky to get to meet Lauren and Jason’s littlest munchkin Hudson right around their 4 year wedding anniversary (9/10/10!):)And let me tell you, the cuddles were worth the wait, this little guy is adorable!!! Well, you can see for yourself!

And then within the same week I got to meet Jody and Brian’s little princess and their 3 year anniversary is coming up on the 1st of October! I think we can all agree that Miss Scarlett is pretty much perfection!

I just can’t describe how amazing it is to not only spend a wedding day with a couple and literally meet every single person who matters to them in a single day but then, years later, to still be in contact with them and get the calls that their family is expanding is just so, well, amazing. I said amazing too many times but I just can’t think of a better word.

Here’s one of Lauren and Jason from 2010:) 0445


One from Jody and Brian in 2011:)

Blog-Collage-1411493769659Blog-Collage-1411490121527Blog-Collage-1411490168743Blog-Collage-1411490233150The story behind the next photo is the BEST.EVER! Brian and Jody went to a halloween party dressed as a bee and a beekeeper and 9 months later along came their very own little baby bee!

Grandma bought them the little outfit as a surprise and of course it had to make it into the newborn session:)So cute!


Rachel and Lee!

Where do I start? I loved this wedding so much. Rachel and Lee were beaming all day with pure happiness, both so excited to marry each other and celebrate their love.

They were surrounded by love and laughter all day and even though their guest list was large it felt like a small intimate gathering simply because of how warm and welcoming all the guests were to one another. Their wedding was at Adat Shalom Synagogue in Farmington Hills, which has been Rachel’s Family’s Synagogue since she was a young girl. Can you imagine the memories going through her parent’s heads as they watched her walk down the aisle toward them? They said it felt like yesterday when she stood right there for her Bat Mitzvah. You could see the flood of emotion rush over them time and time again and although they never said it I knew what they were thinking. How did time pass so quickly? How did she go from that little girl to this beautiful woman in just a blink of an eye?