Meredith and Eric • Beautiful Henry Ford Museum Wedding • Dearborn, Michigan

Meredith and Eric have known each other since they were 9. Yes, I said 9. Now, I don’t know about you but pretty much nothing from when I was 9 has stood the test of time. For example, I definitely don’t pray every night for a perm, parachute pants and for Ricky Shroder to show up at my house and proclaim his love for me. Well let’s not be too  hasty to take Ricky off the list.

Very few people can say they met the love of their life when boys and girls still had cooties though. Meredith and Eric can, although I doubt they mention the cooties.

They didn’t start dating until much much much later… obviously… they were 9 people. They didn’t even notice each other, her brother played baseball with Eric so she was at every game and every pool party not even knowing he would someday be her husband.

I just think that’s so ridiculously romantic! And I loooove me some romance! I grabbed some sneak peeks for everyone but there will definitely be more to come from this amazing day. Congratulations Meredith and Eric!!






























Knot Best of Weddings Pick!

I am sooo proud to share that EJ has been voted (by brides!) The Knot Best of Weddings 2014 Pick.

I want to thank each and every one of my clients for a/being amazing (because you ARE!) and b/ for taking the time to shout it from the rooftop (ok, no rooftops are involved in this award, but I like the dramatic effect) how much you loved working with me and how much you love your images. That alone is what rates EJ in the top 1% of Michigan photographers. 1%!!!!!!!

Knot-best-of-weddings-logo-2014If I could give each of you an award I would! I am the luckiest girl on the planet to get such wonderful clients to work with every year. So all the thanks goes to YOU!

Jaclyn and Jeff – Seriously a Winter Wonderland!!! Michigan Wedding Photography

This is just the sneakiest of peeks — MUCH more to come later so I will not give away their super duper cute story of how they knew each other in school yet drifted apart as they got older only to find each other all over again when they grew up. Their earliest memories of each other are Jeff playing soccer on the field and Jaclyn swinging on the swingset with her friends. Both of them secretly watching each other.. oh WAIT! I totally JUST told you!!!!!  That’s it, my lips are sealed until their full post.

But for now… snow and romance….



Amber and Dan • Goodell Park • Michigan Fall Wedding Photography

ok, ok, I got a liiiittttle carried away with these ‘sneak peeks’.  I just get too excited sometimes and can’t stop myself from pulling too many images… I don’t think anyone is complaining though.

I truly enjoyed myself at Amber and Dan’s wedding. I’m going to put in a request to the wedding booking gods to shoot one barn/october wedding every year. At least one. And there better be carmel apples! Oh, speaking of carmel apples let me tell you just how amazing Amber and Dan are. (you’re totally like, WHERE is she going with this.. hang in there) Something that I have never seen happen happened at their wedding. I’m going on my 9th season (yes, 9th!) and never have I ever heard tell of a baker getting the days wrong for the cake. Are you following? No cake delivery. NO. WEDDING. CAKE. None, zilch. Pick your jaw up, I know. It’s devastating to imagine but their baker actually tried to say she was given the wrong day of the wedding.

So, I know what I would do. I would start chucking carmel apples at random people, set my veil on fire and cry REDO!!!!! (Ok, probably not, but most would.. It’s the cake, people, it’s huge) Amber did get sad. She was very disappointed but then she just wouldn’t let it get her down and a plan was put into place to cut (rather than chuck) a carmel apple… on an empty cake stand… with a big announcement and a laugh about it all. Impressed would be an understatement. But that’s just Amber and Dan for you. I mean, when you’re in love and getting married you’re not going to let something like a gluten free cake stand in your way. OH, did I forget to mention that it was a SPECIAL GLUTEN FREE CAKE?! Yeah, you’re riled up again aren’t you?

Don’t be, it’s all fine. Amber and Dan are getting free cake for life. (I made that up, but I hope so) they sortof deserve it don’t you think?

Ok, enough about the cake lets just talk about how fun these two are! Holy cow! I was laughing so hard all day at their expressions on the other side of the lens. Even during their ceremony. They were just so comfortable around each other and really got one another…  and they could be themselves. They were so happy to be surrounded by their friends and family and ready to be married and spend the rest of their lives together.  It makes me happy to get to be a part of such ‘meant to be’ weddings! Yay for Amber and Dan and their gorgeous fall wedding!!! I knew from the first time we all sat down together that this was going to be one of my favorite weddings from 2013. The chandelier on the dance floor, all the handmade touches (her dad actually carved that heart out of the book below because Amber loves reading… I know! Right?! I love it!!! He even carved the cake stand himself (we’re not talking about the cake again though).

0001000200040003I LOVE first looks! 0005Blog-Collage-1384018019426The best moment! No kissing before the ceremony!!! LOL – too cute! Blog-Collage-138401804644800080009A great way to include those who couldn’t make it … too funny not to grab a shot of!

001200130014001500160017Blog-Collage-1384017005306Amber and Dan found a photo like this on Pinterest and thought it would make a cute ‘family photo’ – I agree:) 001900200021Blog-Collage-138401718968700230024Blog-Collage-138401709732200270026Blog-Collage-1384018328574Blog-Collage-1384017734792Blog-Collage-1384017772052

Niccola Clive - Emily,
You did it again, these pictures are fantastic and soooo!!! personal which is awesome. You shot Elizabeth’s wedding in March 2011 and these pictures took me straight back to that wonderful day. Amber and Dan both looked gorgeous and I could almost feel their relaxed, loving mood…
Nicci Clive

Brooklyn and Brenden

Probably the BEST part of my job is my returning clients. The ones that come back to me over and over and I REALLY know. They are more friends than clients and pretty much nothing helps little kiddos do their best in pics more than a level of comfort and familiarity with ‘the camera lady’.

I have been shooting Courtney and Bill’s kids since that big girl you see in these pictures was a newborn! I love that little girl. We have the best time together and when I come to take pictures of her new baby brother I LOVE hearing about all the amazing things in her life! I can’t help myself and usually take a handful of pics of her too! One thing is for absopositivelutely sure Bill and Courtney make some pretty adorable kids. And should have many many many more so I’m pretty much guaranteed to come and see them every 3 months forever. (Except the days Courtney forgets we have appointments and I’m standing on her porch texting her… Sorry Court, had to do it!!! LOL – I still love you!!! )