Rama and Rodney’s Downtown Detroit Wedding!

Rama and Rod’s wedding was at the incredible Waterview Loft in Detroit. You’ll see in the photos below why it’s so incredible. Surrounded by windows you feel absolutely emerged in the city lights and skyline. It was an unforgettable night!

Watching Rama and Rod dance to their first song took me back to when we first met for their engagement photos. They have such a playful nature with each other, they are overflowing with love and admiration for one another and you can’t help but smile when you watch them together. I was so honored to be included in their special day!

I even included some of their engagement photos at the end of this post because I just can’t get enough of them!!!

000200010003000400050006000700080009001000110012001300140015001600170018001900200021002200230024002500260028002900300031003200330034003500360037003800390040004100420043004400450046004700490050I shot their engagement photos in Ann Arbor, on the U of M campus and also in downtown. It was a chilly winter day but we laughed so hard we didn’t even notice!

Emily and Lee’s Wedding at Kukuk Farm in Ray Township

It is a rare and glorious day for me when I blog but I just had to put up Emily and Lee’s wedding! Looking at these photos takes me back to that warm sun-soaked fall day and all I see is HAPPINESS!

Emily and Lee are Spartan grads who met in class, Emily struck up a conversation with him one day and they formed a flirty friendship. Well, when Emily could stay awake in class that is! LOL! That friendship grew and turned into true love but that same playful flirty nature between them is still there and you can’t help but smile just as wide as they do when you’re around them!

Their wedding was at Kukuk Family Farm in Ray. I’ve never shot there before but when Emily told me they were getting married under a huge old tree in the middle of a field behind the barn I was smitten. The vibrant colors with the blue sky behind it made for such a romantic backdrop. Leaves falling and all!


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What you’re missing if you’re not on facebook!

I have every intention of blogging the wedded bliss out of all these weddings but if you’re not on facebook you’re missing the live action! This season has been one of the best of my career! I have loved all my brides and grooms and I’ve been working with some amazing second shooters! Every wedding I shoot is nothing like the last yet they all leave me feeling so warm and fuzzy inside (they leave me sweaty and frizzy too, the sign of a great wedding photographer is one that looks like she ran a marathon by the end of the day… that’s what I keep telling myself anyway!:) So this should catch you up to mid-July… yeah… run over to my facebook page to see some of my August weddings!

Natalie and James <3


Emily and Josh <3


Stephanie and Chris <3


Ronnie and Laura <3 Their full blog post is coming really soon!!!

Blog-Collage-1432602645360Blog-Collage-1432603187685Blog-Collage-1432601751016Caitlin and Brandon <3

EJPhotography0001EJPhotography0002EJPhotography0003EJPhotography0004EJPhotography0005EJPhotography0006EJPhotography0007I’m cheating, these are engagement sessions, and not even part of this summer (you can call me captain obvious if you’d like!)

Marissa and Nathan <3


Emily and Jon <3 (I just put sneaks from their wedding up on facebook!)


Rama and Rod <3

Blog-Collage-1420828073907Blog-Collage-1420828122241Blog-Collage-1420827947002Blog-Collage-1420827922461Blog-Collage-1420827731599Blog-Collage-1420827690600Blog-Collage-1420827845011Blog-Collage-1420828288753Blog-Collage-1420828331235Blog-Collage-1420828395832And this one is actually from 2014 but it’s on my “must blog” list, I still have a few from 2014 left to make it over here to the blog but this one is special because I have shot nearly a dozen weddings that Sarah has been a bridesmaid in (ok, more like 3 or 4… no one expects much “math-wise” out of a photographer) When she got engaged I just knew it was going to be epic and she did not disappoint!!! I got to shoot in Chicago, the light was out of this world and these two… these two are a perfect fit for one another! Ying and yang and every other cheesy metaphor you can think of for perfect couples! 102103101100115114113112116005

Susie and Patrick’s Love Story

I’m such a sucker for romance and I just don’t think it gets better than this. They were high school sweethearts. You’ll see a few of their super fantastical homecoming pics below but they actually went their separate ways after high school and lost touch. It wasn’t until years (and years) later that they reunited and all their old feelings came back. Susie moved from New York back to Ohio to be with her true love (that really is true love, Ohio is so NOT New York) and the rest is history.

They both had a very long journey back into each others arms that was spotted with ups, downs, heartache and growth. The fact that they came back together after all those years and still felt like soul mates says something just amazing and inspiring about the plans that are laid for us. The road you’re on may not always be lined with roses and happy go lucky experiences. Sometimes the road sucks. I mean, if I’m being honest. But when your road leads RIGHT back to your one true love you definitely thank whoever it is you thank that what’s meant to be will ALWAYS find a way to BE.



Brian and Laura!!

A blog update? What? Really!! That’s shocking you say? Well, believe me, I’m just as shocked as you are. Talk about a CRAZY last few months. I have to thank my amazing clients for keeping me busy but between editing, weddings, Christmas card shoots and meetings for 2015 weddings I just haven’t had time to update the blog!

I’m pretty excited to share some of Laura and Brian’s photos though. I shot their engagement session in the fall so I already knew we were going to have the best time, what I didn’t account for was how jaw dropping amazing Brian’s suit was… ok, I’m kidding, you know I’m talking about Laura’s dress;)What a fairy tale dress to match a fairy tale day. They never stopped smiling (and not just because they are both dentists and enjoy marketing their work… heh heh) but because they were so HAPPY!!!

It seems weird to say this but not every bride and groom are this happy. A lot of times the stress of planning the day or in really rare (sarcasm) circumstances your relatives can cause you stress but that just wasn’t the case with these two. Of course it helped that their families were the bomb! And their friends were so fun! But it was more than that even. They were just SO HAPPY to be getting married. So happy to share the day with each other and so happy to just BE. I seriously wish I could shoot 100 more weddings just like theirs.

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Inn at St. John’s

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